Our investment philosophy is one of balance. We build portfolios based on the latest portfolio management research, which shows that the type of security you choose has little impact on your return. In fact, more than 90% of returns come from being exposed to a variety of asset classes. That’s why LM3 focuses on asset class allocation, to ensure that your portfolio is invested in a range of markets while remaining well diversified within a given market.

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Miguel Mediavilla

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Each client has his or her own investment policy based on risk tolerance, investment horizon, taxation and personal goals. We talk to your advisor to design a strategy for you and to help you fully understand the risks and benefits for your portfolio.

Whether you’re a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor, we build a portfolio tailored to you. The profiles below are examples of some possible strategies.



Fully independent investment solutions for maximum return.

With LM3, you see significant savings by paying some of the lowest management fees in Canada. You’ve probably heard this before, but what our competitors don’t tell you is that they have their own hidden agenda: pushing their own products, resulting in meager returns or high fees for you.

  • Over 38 years of combined experience in the financial industry
  • Assets are held by National Bank Financial
  • LM3 is registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and is recognized for its professional ethics
  • Absolute transparency: Our reports are clear, and we are always available to talk to our clients

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