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LM3 - Jeune professionnel

Growth portfolio

Young Professionals

A growth portfolio made up of 75 to 100% stocks is perfect for young professionals ages 25 to 35, who are able to withstand multiple recessions before retirement without worry. Their investments also tend to be lower, as they have yet to make most of their contributions.

LM3 - Planification de la retraite

Balanced portfolio

Retirement Planning

A balanced portfolio typically consists of 60% stocks and 40% bonds. This portfolio is best for investors who are still working and saving, most of whom are 35 to 50 years old.

LM3 - Préretraités ou retraités

Conservative portfolio

Semi-Retired or Retired

A conservative portfolio is typically composed of 75% low-risk bonds and investments and 25% stocks. This type of portfolio is generally ideal for retirees without a pension, but who have accumulated sufficient wealth for a comfortable retirement and who don’t want to risk their standard of living for higher returns. Funds that will be disbursed within less than five years should also invest more conservatively.

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